Proc. ACM Digital Libraries August 1999

A Prototype Implementation of Archival Intermemory

Yuan Chen and Jan Edler and Andrew Goldberg and Allan Gottlieb and Sumeet Sobti and Peter N. Yianilos

Abstract: An Archival Intermemory solves the problem of highly survivable digital data storage in the spirit of the Internet. In this paper we describe a prototype implementation of Intermemory, including an overall system architecture and implementations of key system components. The result is a working Intermemory that tolerates up to 17 simultaneous node failures, and includes a Web gateway for browser-based access to data. Our work demonstrates the basic feasibility of Intermemory and represents significant progress towards a deployable system.

Keywords: Archival Storage, Distributed Redundant Databases, Electronic Publishing, Distributed Algorithms, Self-maintenance, Erasure-Resilient Codes, Information, Digital Libraries, Internet.


The prototype described in this paper was started during the summer of 1998 and completed in the Fall and early Winter.