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Models LM-2000, LM-4000, LM-6000, LM-2015

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The LM6000 Speaking Dictionary/Thesaurus

Description: The LM-6000 combines a dictionary and thesarus into one product and features a bit-mapped 240x80 display with GUI interface and multiple typefaces. Synthetic Audio pronounciations are available for every word. In addition each word may be displayed in a friendly phonetic segmented form, and human recordings of each segment may be played. Many games and additional features are included.

Background: Our original dictionary was the model LM-2000. It had 4-line character-cell display and no audio capability. The LM-4000 added audio. The LM-6000 combined these works and extended them with respect to content, software, and hardware. At the low end, the LM-2015 pocket dictionary offered the same content (no audio) in a much smaller platform with a two line bit-mapped display.

An LM6000 Dictionary Screen Image

An LM6000 Thesaurus Screen Image

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The LM2015 Pocket Dictionary