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This photo was presented to me ( Peter N. Yianilos ) on a display plaque after leaving Franklin by the product development and manufacturing staff (USA).

Back row: Russ Posser, Bill Van Orden, Austin Hastings, Mike Woolf, Thom Loring, Dave McWherter, Jules Egyud, Bob Grieb, Arthur Gabe, David Justice, Will Dowling, Jonathan Yavner, Paul Bartholomew, Frank Harms

Middle row: Barry Lipsky, Aline Boutin, Bernie Francioni, Bill Wells, Duncan Scott, Judy Deemer, Frankie Holebrook, Minh Luong, Carol Lahnam

Front row: Bob Garthwaite, Kirk Kanzelberger, Mark Todorovich, Steve Kennedy, Carolyn Stella, Paul Kavanaugh