United States Patent 5,153,831
United States Patent 5,153,831
YianilosOct. 6, 1992

Electronic text

Inventors: Yianilos; Peter N. (Princeton, NJ).
Assignee: Franklin Electronic Publishers, Incorporated (Mt. Holly, NJ).
Appl. No.: 529,868
Filed: May 29, 1990
Intl. Cl.:G06F 15/38;
U.S. Cl.:364/419;
Field of Search:364/419, 200, 900; 341/106, 55, 51

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Primary Examiner: Shaw; Dale M.
Assistant Examiner: Chung; Xuong
Attorney, Agent or Firm: McAulay Fisher Nissen Goldberg & Kiel


A text is encoded as a file in electronic memory for reading and search purposes. A lexicon-file is established in which each term that can searched is incorporated. A text-file is established in which non-search terms are directly encoded and in which all of the search terms (that is all of the terms in the lexicon-file) are designated by linking numbers. The linking numbers link through each incidence of the lexicon word as a text word and finally link back to the same lexicon word in the lexicon-file and then from the lexicon-file back to the text-file. In this fashion, by using numbers to link through each incidence of a lexicon word in the text-file and the encoded lexicon word in the lexicon-file, the word is encoded in memory only once and all other entries for the word are in terms of linking numbers.

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