United States Patent 4,982,181
United States Patent 4,982,181
YianilosJan. 1, 1991

Alphanumeric display

Inventors: Yianilos; Peter N. (Fort Lauderdale, FL).
Assignee: Franklin Electronic Publishers, Incorporated (Mt. Holly, NJ).
Appl. No.: 386,279
Filed: Jul. 28, 1989
Intl. Cl.:G09G 3/04;
U.S. Cl.:340/756; 340/752; 340/765;
Field of Search:340/756, 752, 765, 760, 762; 40/447, 448

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Primary Examiner: Brier; Jeffery A.
Assistant Examiner: Wu; Xiao Min
Attorney, Agent or Firm: McAulay Fisher Nissen & Goldberg


Individual character templates for an alphanumeric display are provided. Each individual character template includes an M row by N column pixel matrix. The M row by N column pixel matrix provides MN pixels. Each of the N columns has a generally vertical shallow "S" shaped format. The pixels along the center rows of the pixel matrix are substantially square and the pixels along the upper and lower rows of the pixel matrix have corners that define a parallelogram and vertical edges that are curved. The template is energized using an electrode trace arrangement which has a plurality of horizontal traces and a plurality of approximately vertical sinuous traces. A segment of each of the vertical tracks within any character template has a shallow "S" shaped form. The first and second columnar trace segments in any given character template is connected to the next to last and last columnar trace segments of the preceding character template and the next lowest row.

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