United States Patent 4,830,618
United States Patent 4,830,618
David, et. al.May 16, 1989

Electronic spelling machine

Inventors: Morton E. David; James H. Simons, Both of New York, N.Y.; Peter N. Yianilos, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Assignee: Franklin Computer Corporation (Mt. Holly, NJ).
Appl. No.: 112,829
Filed: Oct. 23, 1987
Intl. Cl.:G09B 19/00;
U.S. Cl.:434/169; 434/167; 364/419;
Field of Search:434/167, 169; 364/419

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Primary Examiner: Picard; Leo P.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: McAulay, Fields, Fisher, Goldstein & Nissen


A hand held, self contained electronic spelling machine which has various pattern matching functions including the spelling validation function. Under user control, a spelling validation can be overridden and the normal spelling check routine provides the user with all possible words for which the valid input word might be deemed a misspelling. Under user control, a place indicia at one or more predetermined locations in an input word provides an exact matrix check of the input word against every word in the dictionary with the place indicia as variables. Under operator control, a prefix ending indicia permits a match of a given prefix against every word in the dictionary with the same set of initial letters. A single word is displayed at a time on a single line display. Scrolling keys permit the operator to scroll through the set of words found in each matching function.

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